Herd and Baby Elephant Walk at Kariega Preserve South Africa
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Want to Be a More Sustainable Traveler?

It seems like we’re constantly hearing stories about the destruction of the environment or the exploitation of people or animals. Here are six factors you can take into account to be a more sustainable traveler, minimize your impact, and help the places you visit. Simply packing to minimize waste or hitting a destination in the offseason can go a long way towards reducing your travel footprint. As a traveler, you can help the environment and lift up local communities.

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Before starting off on our Meet Me travels, here is where we have been. Move your mouse or finger over the map to see the countries we have visited. Stay tuned for updated maps tracking our progress once we start!…

Derek near Mt Shasta
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About Derek

Learn more about Derek, one half of the Meet Me team. He discusses his previous world travel experience (or lack thereof), his love of nature, exploring, and adventure, and why he is traveling.